A Shine School Partnership is a long-term committed relationship between a church and a school with the goal of meeting the needs of students, families, and teachers.

Our long-range vision is to see that every APS Title 1 School has an ongoing, meaningful relationship with one or more of the churches in their community. The ongoing relationships between the pastors, staff and volunteers of the local church with the administrators, teachers, and families of a local school can create a healthy synergy that will truly benefit the school. Schools will have a ready resource to contact to meet specific needs, and churches will have a built-in opportunity to show love to their community.


Shine Partnerships work with the school to identify the needs of the students, families and teachers that are obstacles to the school’s success. Shine Partnerships go in asking the school what they need and then tailor strategies to meet those needs, realizing that the needs of each school will be different. Shine builds genuine relationships with the key players at the school and assists them in working together as a team for maximized success. Once the needs have been identified Shine focuses on meeting needs in these three areas: development for families, enrichment for students, and support for teachers and staff.