We believe there is a good news solution to the bad news problems in our city.



Student Enrichment

Shine seeks to enhance a student’s academic experience by providing volunteers and resources that can improve the quality of the student’s education. Providing volunteers who spend time reading with a student is an example of student enrichment.


Family Development

Shine seeks to partner with families experiencing need with the goal of enabling them to do for themselves. We believe that those in need have something valuable to offer. We are committed to seeing families and communities be holistically restored.


Teacher Support

Shine supports teachers by providing encouragement and volunteer support. We provide manpower to assist them in getting their jobs done. We value what they do and we encourage them to continue making a difference in the lives of students.


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Our story: What makes us shine


The Shine model of partnership began as a pilot program at Mission Ave Elementary in 2015. Through lessons learned over 3 years an effective model of partnering a church and a school was created and approved by APS administration.

"We must come to deeply believe that every person, no matter how destitute or broken, has something of worth to bring to the table."

-Robert Lupton


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