Imagine every student, teacher, & family with capacity to flourish.


We believe that when students, their families, and their teachers flourish, individual communities are strengthened. And we hope that as communities are strengthened, our city will become a safer, more compassionate place for generations to come.


It starts with partnership.



We believe true transformation happens in relationship. We will never prioritize the project over the people.


The school is the expert on what is truly needed. We are people who will listen and ask questions. We’re here to serve.


Seeing communities develop not only takes time, it’s an ongoing process. In everything we do and in every relationship we build, we’re in it for the long haul.


We understand that solutions are multifaceted. A student is more than their scores; a school is more than a building. We’re committed to the whole thing.

We are going to develop meaningful, ongoing church-school partnerships with all 108 Title 1 schools in Albuquerque.

For more info on APS Title 1 Schools, click here.

Current partnerships


Mission Ave Elementary

& New City Church

Mary Ann Binford Elementary

& Mosaic Church

Matheson Park Elementary

& Asbury Methodist

Douglas MacArthur Elem.

& Cross Community

Arroyo del Oso Elementary

& North Church

Comanche Elementary

& Montgomery Church of Christ

Dolores Gonzales Elementary

& Center City Church

Bell Aire Elementary

& X Factor Church

Hayes Middle School

& City Presbyterian

Emerson Elementary

& Passion Church

A. Montoya Elementary

& Mountain Christian

EG Ross Elementary

& New Covenant Church

McKinley Middle School

& Hope Church

Governor Bent Elementary

& Del Norte Baptist

Wilson Middle School

& Christ United Methodist

Montezuma Elementary

& Faith Chapel

La Luz Elementary

& Shepherd of the Valley


A Shine Partnership is a long-term, committed relationship between a church and a school with the goal of meeting needs in three areas:

  • Student Enrichment

  • Family Development

  • Teacher Support

A Shine partner comes to the school with one question: “How can we help?” Although church partners come from a faith-based background, Shine is not a proselytizing program. Shine partners are trained and motivated to serve with no hidden agenda.


At Shine, because we care about long-term community flourishing, a big part of our work is to maintain an ongoing partnership with the school district. This includes:

  • Collaboration in Needs Assessment

  • A formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

  • District-Approved Volunteer Training

We are always working to ensure that our church-school partnerships are mutually beneficial. Every church partner and volunteer is trained, background-checked, and approved by APS guidelines. We work hard to make accessible what really matters: community impact & development.

Ready to Shine?

If you’re a School Administrator or Church Leader, let’s get a partnership started in your neighborhood.

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